Valley Fever Resolve

When elected, Ruth will usher the resolution she authored below, through the legislature.  The Resolution would provide funding for Valley Fever cure research at CSUB and would require safety measures when workers are required to work in high-risk areas.

Thank you TULARE DCC for taking the time to consider and pass the “PROTECT WORKERS FROM VALLEY FEVER” resolution. 

Thank you Tulare County Democratic Central Committee for sponsoring my PROTECT WORKERS FROM VALLEY FEVER Resolution. Please contribute directly to the campaign at HELP expedite legislation in Sacramento.

A little background…I was on my way to the California Democratic Party Eboard meeting in Oakland last weekend with 3 other Democratic women in the car. We all saw the workers out in the field with the earth moving dozer, leveling a field to make way for development. Bernice Bonillas sees the dust blowing around in the wind and was quite concerned that the workers were not wearing masks and she mentioned Valley Fever. As I have a background in archaeology, this comment really struck me because of the many known cases of archaeologists who had been excavating archaeological sites in the central valley and then contracted deathly illness from Valley Fever, even to the point of some dying. Archaeologist considers Valley Fever to be a professional risk.

As fate would have it, on Monday, I decided to start researching my opponent, Shannon Grove’s legislative record. Coincidentally, I found that Grove had attempted to get a Valley Fever Awareness Week passed by the state legislature—basically fluff to make it look like she was doing something about a complained of situation. I took her legislation and revised it to something that I think might really help the people who are being exposed to deathly fungus spores. As a legislator, I believe it is my duty to go beyond just being aware of a problem —legislators are paid to do something about it. Don't let Shannon Grove near Sacramento.

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Best Regards and thanks again,
Ruth Musser-Lopez
Candidate, CA SD16


WHEREAS, Valley Fever (coccidioidomycosis), is a progressive, multi-symptom, respiratory disorder caused by the inhalation of tiny airborne fungi, which grows in the soil in portions of the Sacramento Valley, all of the San Joaquin Valley, desert regions, and portions of southern California, here referred to as “high risk” zones, and

WHEREAS, Valley Fever attacks the respiratory system, causing infection that can lead to symptoms that resemble a cold, influenza, or severe pneumonia; and left untreated or mistreated, infection can spread from the lungs into the bloodstream, causing inflammation to the skin, permanent damage to the lungs and bone tissue, and swelling of the membrane surrounding the brain, leading to meningitis, which can be devastating and even fatal; and an estimated 150,000 infections occur every year in the United States and chronic and disseminated forms of Valley Fever cause significant morbidity, take months to years to resolve, and result in medical costs that average $30,000 per year per case; and kills an estimated 200 to 300 Americans every year, which is more than tuberculosis; and

WHEREAS, coccidioidomycosis laden in soil is released into the air by soil disturbance or wind; and those workers who are employed in a field directly involving soil or earth moving and disturbing activities are most susceptible to exposure to coccidioidomycosis;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party supports 1) precautions against the ill effects of coccidioidomycosis thus supports a state requirement that as an alternative to testing indicating an absence of coccidioidomycosis in the local soil to be disturbed, that all earth moving, soil disturbing equipment operated in fields and development activity sites within high-risk areas of California, be equipped or retrofitted with enclosed air-conditioned cabins for operators and that laborers not so protected by enclosed cabins working in the area of soil disturbing activities and dust be required to wear respirator masks; 2) funding for a medical research and training facility at CSUB devoted to discovering an antibiotic or cure for Valley Fever.

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that the Secretary of the California Democratic Party transmit copies of this resolution to the members of the California Legislature and the Governor.

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Ruth Musser-Lopez

Candidate for Senate District 16

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Date Passed 07-19-2018

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Tulare County Democratic Central Committee

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2018-07-20 09:54:37

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