Musser-Lopez --Organizing Activism Against the Cadiz Water Heist since 2012 and Before...

Not only did Ruth write the resolution that exposed that Trump was behind the Cadiz Water Heist, Ruth is one of the original organizing activists against the project since 2000. Various renditions of the project since that time have lifted their ugly head.  Ruth has been there and fought for us against all of the water heist attempts.   Ruth Musser-Lopez (and her alias "Rango Rally") started the rally cry "Stop the Cadiz Water Heist." Before that time, Cadiz was still referred to by its proponents as a "water conservation" project.   Ruth has continued to expose the Cadiz Corporaiton and has authored numerous published articles against the pump and pipe project (links to be posted soon).   Here is a link to the February 2012 release that broke the story surrounding the latest water heist rendition six years ago --    Type in "Cadiz" in the search to find other articles about Ruth Musser-Lopez and her fight against the Cadiz Project.


Ruth was one of the first activists to expose the fact that the water pumping project was unsustainable and it would deplete the groundwater under the East Mojave National Park.   As a former Bureau of Land Management archaeologist, Ruth had worked with hydrologists, geologists, wildlife biologists and botanists all who agreed that  by the time it became obvious that the depletion was having an impact on plants and wildlife, it would be impossible to reverse the damage...there would be no way to recharge the aquifer to a point where the desert springs would again sustain life.  

This condition would be similar to that now seen in the San Joaquin Valley where the aquifer has been pumped down to the point that senior water right holders whose homes are dependent upon their private wells cannot get water because their wells are deep enough now that the corporations have sunk deeper wells and lowered the water table.   

Meanwhile, during the period of 2000 to present, Ruth has been exposing the fact that the Cadiz project would in essence transfer ownership away from the public and those who reside in the project area, taking the water resource from them and giving the Cadiz Corporation full entitlement to gross profits.  

After the water heist plan was thwarted in 2004 when MWD would not allow the company to use their canal to transport the water, the project went away for a little while.  But in 2012, it lifted its ugly head again with the idea that the MWD could be required to accept the water and that the pipeline to the canal could be built on railroad holding crossing federal land as a "railroad related" project.  

Ruth Musser-Lopez and her now campaign Treasurer, Craig Innis, were the only activist against the project to attend the first meeting in Santa Margarita to try to stop the project from gaining a foothold.   With payouts by the Cadiz corporation to the campaign fund of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt to the tune of $48,000, the Santa Margarita Water District in concert with the Cadiz Corporation prevailed in passing off a bogus California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review document that included the Cadiz contractor's "scientific" report regarding the hydrological resources --their report  conflicted with  the findings of the USGS scientists who found that the natural recharge would not be able to keep up with the planned desert water pumping.    

Ruth was the first to object to the fact that the Santa Margarita Water District, a customer, was to be the "lead agency" on an environmental review document.   When the Judge found that the bizarre arrangement was "legal" Ruth sought to change the CEQA law.  She went to the California Democratic Party's Resolution Committee with a resolution that she had authored.   She was met with head-on pushback by the Environmental Caucus who said NO...we don't want to mess with CEQA for fear that it will be changed for the worse if it gets opened up for scrutiny on the legislative floor.  

2012 Opposition Forms Against Sending Desert Water To Orange County

After Ruth alerted the media, the Sentinel broke the story in February 2012 which can be found here:

Since that time, the Sentinel has followed the Cadiz project and by typing "Cadiz" in the search engine, you can learn more by clicking "older articles" repeatedly at the bottom of the page.  

...More Lawsuits Filed Against Desert Water Project

After the Santa Margarita Water District EIR fiasco, Ruth took a different angle.  By December 2012, Ruth filed the first Cadiz related federal lawsuit--against the Department of the Interior, San Bernardino County and the Santa Margarita Water District asserting that prehistoric remains on federal land would be impacted and that the agency was in violation of the National Environmental Policy Act by not completing a Federal Environmental Impact Statement.  See:  

“Significant federal cultural resources, potentially eligible for the National Register of Historic Places are in the way of harm along the 42-mile railroad right-of-way corridor that would be used for the water conveyance pipeline, all without due process or public participation in determining whether water mining is even an activity that should be allowed on federal land in the Bureau of Land Management’s California Desert,”

Ruth also authored a resolution which the California Democratic Party adopted.  Currently, the language in that resolution is similar to that which Dianne Feinstein is using in her t.v. ads this season.   That resolution is printed here:




California State Democratic E-Board Meeting
August 25-27, 2017, Anaheim, California

Proposed Resolution #9030596:

WHEREAS, the Cadiz Corporation proposes to extract and sell an unsustainable amount of desert groundwater, more than five times that which is recharged naturally, according to USGS estimates, 1-2 million acre-feet over the lifetime of the project in the pristine East Mojave desert including the Mojave Preserve, the “Sand to Snow” and “Mojave Trails” National Monuments, described by President Obama as an area that “exemplifies the remarkable ecology of the Mojave Desert, where the hearty insistence of life is scratched out from unrelenting heat and dryness”; AND

WHEREAS studies show that animal and plant communities in the East Mojave desert rely upon a residual and connected underground water supply system that is naturally balanced by a relatively low amount of annual rainfall providing scarce natural percolating artesian springs and seeps in exceedingly rare riparian areas sustaining safe refuge to a wide variety of rare and endangered plants and wildlife; and testimony of the few residents indicates that the addition of even one well in the hydrologically connected area causes ground water levels to significantly drop which situation is complicated by recent global warming, drought and desiccation; AND

WHEREAS, despite Senator Dianne Feinstein’s proclamation that the Cadiz water mining project poses a grave threat to the California desert and should not be approved and despite the efforts of the State of California to provide funding to develop sustainable water supplies for southern California including improved technology, treatment and recycling, desalination plants, pipe replacement, coastal catchment basins and reservoirs, the Donald J. Trump administration in one of his first acts would enable the Cadiz water export and privatization, rescind Obama’s federal permit and environmental review requirements and the national monument status of the lands overlying the Cadiz water aquifer;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the California Democratic Party OPPOSES TRUMP's disregard for empirical scientific evidence and environmental sustainability, TRUMP’S proposed lifting of Cadiz area “Sand to Snow” and “Mojave Trails” national monument status AND TRUMP’s support of California Republican U. S. Representatives Tom McClintock’s and Paul Cook’s request for rescission of the federal permit requirements of the Cadiz Corporation's water privatization project; AND

BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party shall copy this resolution to the White House, the Department of the Interior and to ALL California U. S. Representatives and Senators AND shall issue a press release to announce this resolve.

Author/Sponsor: Ruth Musser-Lopez, (AD33) SD16 Ex-Officio SDCC Delegate; Adopted on April 12, 2017 by the Desert Bones Democratic Club, a chartered Democratic organization. Endorsed by the CDP Rural Caucus, May 2017. Revised on June 20, 2017 and July 15 and 20, 2017.