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"The reason I wrote this article is because our incumbents and former incumbents including Tony Frazier, Linda Kidd, Tom Darcy and Shawn Gudmundsen allowed CalTrans archaeological contractors (Applied Earthworks, Inc) to get away with NOT documenting the +100 year old historic sites including this important property-the Needles K Street "haunted" house--that would be impacted by the I-40 Interconnect project.  The front yard will be cut back and there was not even one word about the project being in a RT66 Historic District with multiple historic structures to be impacted. Some of these incumbents,  were there for the ground breaking of the I-40 Interconnect project, this Halloween weekend...ASK THEM about the +$6M spent on "studies" and yet NO documentation of the properties along RT66 in the project area. Why?  because if a "historic district" would have been reported then a public review would have been required--these incumbents did not want a public review of a project where millions were spent on a project that would only cost $300K to implement.    Before anyone ridicules me for not reporting ALL the facts about the "haunted" house...I did not get paid a dime for this article about the big green arrowweed house...I did this study on my own free will trying to expose what was going on and save RT66 particularly the settings of the +100 year old homes, the WPA wall near the freeway offramp and the unique eastbound long sweeping corner turn at Broadway and Needles Highway,"  in friendship, Ruth Musser-Lopez


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Please note that there are some long time Needles residents who strongly hold that the mansion-like property was never a brothel despite the report in the Needles Desert Star.  Also, the property was never owned by Councilman Tony Frazier according to Tony, ...but instead was owned by a relative, Jesse Dolan, married to Glen Dolan.  It is also commonly known around town that Jesse  would have been very disgusted to have learned of anyone who would dare ever to refer to her lovely family home as a brothel.   Please also note that change of title occurred repeatedly through the years...not documented in this article and that the period of time that the structure was rumored to be used as a brothel predated the Dolan ownership. 

Glimpse Of SBC’s Past
Homemade: Our Prehistoric and Historic Arrowweed Homes 

By Ruth Musser-Lopez

June 20, 2014  Believe it or not! As extraordinary as it may seem, our county is the home of a little known and apparently quite sturdy and long-lasting home construction technology that does not require metal or nails and surprisingly involves the use of a native arrowweed for the walls.  The technology is credited to our San Bernardino County local Native Americans, the Pipa Aha Macav (People of the River)—the Mojaves.  Reportedly, in 1910, it was adapted by Euro-Americans, the Tryon Family in Needles, who stretched the technology to the limits, creating a large, long standing, three-story framed, 22 room structure using what appears to be arrowweed rods or wattle for walls, located at the end of “Dead Dog Road” which eventually became one of the busiest intersections in town, River Road and K Street, a block from the bridge crossing over into Arizona.


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Treating the community of Needles, CalPoly Pomona students under the guidance of Dr. Mark Allen collaborated with local archaeologist Ruth Musser-Lopez of River Archaeological Heritage Associates (RiverAHA) to document the Needles Pioneer Cemetery over the Halloween weekend.

On October 29 and 30, two students in the archaeology program at Cal Poly Pomona, Jane Fernandez and Alicia Garcia, along with Ruth Musser-Lopez, all under volunteer agreements to the City of Needles, spent most of the weekend visiting the Needles Museum archives and documenting language on tombstones at the Needles Pioneer Cemetery, photographing individual grave configurations and linking their locations to a map using a global positioning system (GPS).

According to Musser-Lopez, “the volunteer project is designed to provide the students with practice in securing original interpretive data using archaeological methods including global positioning system mapping, ground penetrating radar mapping, archival research and in-field data recording.  The student’s project will yield a significant contribution to the local and wider interstate Route 66 community in the area of the growing historic-tourism industry,” Musser-Lopez said.

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Working Families Unify Around RUTH MUSSER-LOPEZ for Needles City Council

Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO of San Bernardino & Riverside Counties Endorse MUSSER-LOPEZ for Needles City Council.


NEEDLES, CA— Underscoring her soaring momentum in the 9 candidate race for the Needles City Council seat,  Needles Cemetery Board Member and archaeologist, Ruth Musser-Lopez garnered support and the only endorsement for the position from the Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO of San Bernardino & Riverside Counties, as she campaigns to represent the people of Needles, California.


In an official letter written to the Ruth Musser-Lopez campaign, Laurie Stalnaker, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO of San Bernardino & Riverside Counties wrote:


“Dear Ms. Musser-Lopez, It is my pleasure to inform you that the Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO of San Bernardino & Riverside Counties has voted to grant our Committee on Political Education's (COPE) endorsement to you in your bid for the Needles City Council. As our endorsee, you may use... names on your materials as you wish:

•Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO of San Bernardino & Riverside Counties

Your interest in the issues of concern for the working men and women of our community is greatly appreciated. We look forward to working with you and wish you the best on Election Day.”

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farmers market orangesOur community has a great potential to improve.

Other than two liquor stores and a mini-mart at a gas station, there are currently no food vendors on mainstreet downtown Needles--Route 66/Broadway.  Needles has beautiful light posts on the street but they are turned the wrong direction and at least 15 of them have fixtures that have been blown out or blown off.

We can do better and will do better when we get the right loans and grants lined up.  Ruth Musser-Lopez already has the right contacts up the line from Sacramento to Washington...lets link her in by making her our elected council woman and see what she can bring home...including the benefits of a downtown farmer's market.

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