farmers market orangesOur community has a great potential to improve.

Other than two liquor stores and a mini-mart at a gas station, there are currently no food vendors on mainstreet downtown Needles--Route 66/Broadway.  Needles has beautiful light posts on the street but they are turned the wrong direction and at least 15 of them have fixtures that have been blown out or blown off.

We can do better and will do better when we get the right loans and grants lined up.  Ruth Musser-Lopez already has the right contacts up the line from Sacramento to Washington...lets link her in by making her our elected council woman and see what she can bring home...including the benefits of a downtown farmer's market.

Spread the word - Ruth Musser-Lopez will work hard to bring home the benefits of a farmer's market approved to accept Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.  It will be great to see our area farmers agree to double to value of all benefits. Wouldn't it be great to see our new cannabis grow ops also growing some other herbs and vegetables.  Everyone in our community will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh fruits & vegetables all year!

Remember that there are a lot of benefits to farmer's markets. It would be great to run into neighbors in the early morning as we shop fresh.

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