In less than 24 hours, our video "ChildSeparation" (link on home page) reached over 1.3K viewers without boosting as a paid ad. This video exposes how Republican policy lead to the internment of babies and young children in cages,   separating them from their parents who are not criminals but simply seeking asylum from gang violence in Central America (Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador).   Many of these viewers are in influential positions and within 48 hours, on Wednesday, President Trump had signed an order which he claims will reverse the policy of child separation.   Our timely video, along with overwhelming nationwide protests helped turn America around toward more humane treatment of asylum seekers.  Sadly, while this video was being produced, my opponent "Shannon Grove" was partying on as her Facebook posts reveal.

     But we're IN!!! Thank you for your vote...NOW we can look forward to a spirited and energetic debate on all the issues  so that voters will have a clear picture of what their choice will be in the Mid-Term election on November 6.  Help us fund our next video:  

"Water:  A Human Right"

I want to thank those who put their trust in me and took the time to go vote.  But we aren't through.  We are going to champion the protection of  agriculture, water, public schools and children, single-payer healthcare, minimum living wage, pay teachers at least what other public employees earn, healthy communities, affordable housing, 

    Grove has $700,000 we have less than $700 in our campaign treasury....we need signs, we need mailers. we need to keep our messaging going.   Please don't let the glitz of Shannon Grove and her untethered support of automatic rifle magazines hitting the streets, unfair substandard wage and overtime scales, ignorance blaming climate change on "God's punishment for abortion legislation," her wasted time and taxpayer money trying to legislate for birthday holidays in honor of a racist and her privatized "toll roads" scheme rule the day.  

Let's GO.  Be a part of the BLUE TSUNAMI!!!   Excavate a new blue Senate District 16.


Please DIG IN  for $20.18 to for the change we desperately need in Senate District 16.

No corporate hush money for Ruth Musser-Lopez.   Its up to you!  

Your $20.18 donation gets Democrats one step closer to the "2018 golden trowel."   

Elect Ruth Musser-Lopez to dig into Sacramento for us. 

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